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The #1 Swim School in North East Florida.

Swim School

Our Swim School program offers 3 types of classes: Group, Semi-private and Private classes. Although classes are filled on a first-come, first-served basis swimmers are grouped based on age and skill level in the water, according to Planet Swim School Learning Curriculum. The overall goal of our program is to provide every student with the opportunity to safely learn how to swim.

Swim Team

Planet Swim Aquatics offers a competitive experience for swimmers on all levels, starting with six-year-olds all the way to experienced Olympians. We participate in local, regional, national, and even international competitions. This program is geared to children looking into explore competitive swimming and develop all four swimming strokes while building endurance through regular practices.

Tennis Club

Currently under construction, the Planet Swim Aquatic & Tennis Center is located in Ponte Vedra, FL. The new facility is being designed to host all 3 programs that Planet Swim offers and which will include a 50-meter Olympic-size outdoor pool, an indoor teaching pool, 7 clay tennis courts, spectator seating, locker room accommodations, pro-shop and more. For information regarding Tennis membership, please contact us at info@planetswim.org or via the contact form.

Masters Swim Club

Planet Swim Masters & Triathlon offers a friendly and positive environment to anyone who is interested in working on their technique, race strategy, conditioning, or simply just staying in shape. Our mission is to encourage adults to swim regardless of their swimming ability and background, therefore there are no real upper age nor skill level restrictions, anyone is welcome to join this unique group that is registered with USA Masters and is led and structured by experienced coaching staff on daily basis.

Planet Swim

One of the top aquatic educational program in Northeast Florida

Founded in 2009 by former world-class swimmer Gus Calado, Planet Swim is now widely recognized as one of the top aquatic educational program in Northeast Florida. Since its inaugural season, our TEAM of passionate teachers has taught close to 100,000 swimming lessons to children and adults ranging from novice to Olympic level swimmers.

Our teachers and learning curriculum is what sets us apart! With 6 learning stages, our curriculum focus on developing skills in a progression format where each skill is built upon skills learned in previous stages while emphasizing the 3 basic swimming principles: Floatation, Breath Control, and Displacement. 

Located in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, Planet Swim is a destination for both children and adults who are eager to learn or enhance their swimming skills. Our services range from group, semi-private, and private lessons as well as conditioning and competitive training.

"I have been around swimming for a long time and I have coached for many years and have seen a lot of different swimming programs and very few of them have the same attention given to the kids. Every single time they get into the pool they learn something new."

Susie White

Grandmother and Swimmer

"Thanks again for everything you guys do. You teach the kids about much more than swimming – you teach them life lessons about working hard, setting goals, reaching them sometimes, sometimes falling short and how to handle all of it positively. We are thankful for your holistic approach and your desire to help grow them into all they can be!"

Susan Mier


"Thanks for the lesson this morning and I am really impressed with the way you guys do things… very different, very effective and very focused. I have been coaching and coached for a LOT of years and I am not easily impressed…Congratulations."

Shawn Burke


Ponte Vedra, FL

Jacksonville, FL

Green Coves Springs, FL